Tutorial How to Upgrade Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo to Latest Android Firmware Version

Sunday, September 4, 20110 comments

This is a tutorial for those people who want to update their Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro to the latest update from the company.
If you follow the instructions clearly then, by the end of the tutorial, you would have your phone running on Latest Android Version.

Step 1.

Download and install Sony Ericsson PC Companion and Sony Ericsson Update service inidually from this page. Don't forget to select the type of your phone ( Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro ). Images below is use for example only, later appearance will not be much different.

Step 2.

Make sure that you backup all the data on your phone like messages, contacts, market applications etc before you proceed with the update.

Its not necessary to backup the photos and songs as they are stored on the memory card and would not be lost in the process. But to be on the safer side it is recommended that you keep a copy of them on your computer.

Step 3.

After you are done with the backup, run update service on your system. Make sure that your system is connected to the internet before you run the update service.

This step is ided into a checklist which needs to be considered before you begin.

a. Check that you have the USB cable for the phone.

b. Make sure that the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.

c. Make sure that your phone is not connected to the system.

The screen should look like the one below.

Check the license agreement statement and click Start to begin.

Step 4.

Now, amongst the list of other Sony Ericsson phone, select Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and click Next.

Step 5.

Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. For your convenience, find the instructions written below as well.

a. Turn off the phone and wait at least 30 seconds.

b. Connect the micro- USB cable to the USB port on the system.

c. Press and hold the Back key on the phone while connecting the USB cable into the phone.

d. Continue holding the Back key until a message saying, “Release the Back key” appears on the screen.

Step 6.

Let the update service check your phone and search for the latest update.
I already updated my phone to 2.1 before creating this tutorial, hence, the message I got was that my phone already has the latest software. But, if you are on Android 1.6, you would see the message that a new software update is available for your phone.

Click on Update\Install to proceed with the same.
The update service would now start downloading the software which is approximately 161 MB in size. The download may take several minutes depending on the speed of the internet connection.

Step 7.

After the software file has been downloaded, the service would begin installing the new operating system on your phone. During this time, make sure that the phone remains connected to the system. It may take several minutes to complete, so please be patient.

Step 8.

After the software has been installed, a message saying, your phone has been updated successfully, would appear on the screen. Click on Exit to close the update service.
Now, you can disconnect the USB cable and switch on the phone.

Step 9.

The phone might take a long time to boot up after fresh installation of the operating system. So, give it some time and set up the phone once it starts.

The phone would also seem to be a bit slow and laggy in the beginning. This is because the hardware needs to get accustomed to the new operating system. Play around for a couple of hours with the new update and you would find that the phone has resumed its fluidity.
This is the method that I used to update my phone and it worked flawlessly for me. If you run into any problems, do let us know and we would help you out.
Alternatively, you can try updating your phone with PC Companion, the video for which can be found on Sony Ericsson’s Support website.
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