How to Run Java Games & Apps on your Android Phone using JBed java Emulator

Tuesday, September 6, 20110 comments

If you want to play Nintendo games on your android phones, you can use N64oid which recently got update to N64oid 2.2. In fact, you also can play Java games and run Java apps on your android phone. But, you need to install JBed java Emulator to do that. Like N64oid, JBed is an emulator apps which allows you to run J2ME games and apps on your android phones. You can’t find this app on android market since Google has removed all of emulator apps since a few months ago.

In this post, we want to share how to run Java J2ME games and application on your android phones. Actually, the steps are so easy. you just need to install JBed firstly. Here are the jbed android

Installation steps:

  • Install jbed 1.20 Android into your android phone
  • Click “SD card” on menu
  • Choose JAR file which you want to install
  • Install your Java apps
  • Click on installed java apps and run

If you want to install other Java apps or games on your android phone, you just need to do same steps. And finally, if you are interested to download JBed, you can download it for free at and select on tutorial menu under header.

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