How to Erease History and Cache Android to Boost Performance

Wednesday, September 21, 20110 comments

Android will become heavy and get some errors iphone, send sms, anf having too much cache stored. Cache will created when application run or executed, using the d of course browsing.

With history eraser for android, you can easily clear history and other cache from your applications. But, you must be careful when delete the cache and history, look carefully which one you have to delete and which ones are not.

Some features of the history eraser, clear all apps cache, browser history, frequently Called, missed call log, incoming call logs, outgoing call logs, sent sms / mms, receive sms / mms, sms / mms draft, failed sms / mms, android marketi search history, google map search history, gmail search history, clipboard, youtube, and search shotcuts.

You can find history eraser in android market.
Or you can follow this link.
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