How to Run Android Games & Apps (APK files) on PC

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There's so many android applications and games available on the internet and can be downloaded for free. For those of you android user, would have a huge collection of applications and games you have downloaded. However, sometimes not all files may be installed and run on your gadget. Especially games that require HD android high specification machine. So it can not be run in your android that is not in accordance with the resolution and game specifications. And to download the game usually takes a long time, depending on connections. After a long wait but it can not be played, this certainly makes us curious about the game.

But take it easy, there are still ways to play, one of them by using your PC. How? Actually quite easy. We can use the features of Android Virtual Device (AVD) that we can make with JAVA and install the Android SDK.

UPDATE!! The Easiest Way to run APK files on your PC :

Installing Android Virtual Device (AVD)

The first thing we must do is downloading the files we need:

Once downloaded, install each program, with a sequence of Java --> JDK --> Android SDK. If you install the Android SDK first, then when you install will be asked to install Java and the JDK first. So I suggest the installation process should be sequential so easy and fast.

After all is installed, Open the file SDK Manager that usually exist in the directory C: Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdkSDK Manager.exe.

Window will appear to update, close it. Next go to the Available packages, click the arrow on the Android Repository. Check one of the Android Platform SDK. Select the version of OS android who wants to use. For example I use version 2.2, so check the Android Platform SDK 2.2. Then click Install Selected. Click Accept and Install. Wait until the download is complete.

Once done, go to Virtual Devices, select New and create new display will appear AVD. Enter your name as you like, and select the existing target. For the SD card contents with 1000 Mb, because if it's too big to be a long process. Choose a Skin according to taste, I suggest do not be too big, because then the display is not enough on the monitor screen and its display will be truncated. If so, click Create AVD. Wait until the process done (usually rather old).
Window will appear stating that the AVD have been made. Click OK to close the window. Note that when you create an AVD, its setting can be changed with the Edit menu. AVD that you just created now appears in the list of Virtual Devices.

To run the AVD that you have created previously, select it and then click the Start button.
Launch Options window opens, allowing you to adjust the display scale. Just let me what it is. Simply click Launch. It took quite a long time to boot the Android OS. When finished booting it will come out Android look like the following picture
Well, now his virtual android is ready to use:).

You can use the mouse for navigation or can also use the keyboard shortcut as follows:
Home Go to the Home Screen
F2 Menu Button
ESC Back Button
F6 Toggle Trackball Mode
Ctrl+F5 Increase Volume
Ctrl+F6 Decrease Volume
Ctrl+F11 Switch Between Portrait and Landscape Mode
Alt+Enter Toggle Full-Screen Mode
Installing APK file

After you successfully create and run Android Virtual Device (AVD), it is time to install the application or game in the form apk file to the AVD. The trick is quite simple, namely as follows:

  1. Open and run the AVD that you have created.
  2. Open CMD, use the format command as follows to mengistall: c: [android sdk directory folder] adb.exe install [apk file directory] filename.apk | eg c: android-sdkplatform-toolsadb.exe install c: android-sdkangrybirds.apk
  1. Make sure the AVD in a condition ready for use (not in a locked condition / lock). If the installation process is done when the AVD in lock condition, it will display an error message: device offline.
  2. Wait a few moments to appear Success message, which means the apk file has been successfully installed on your AVD.
  3. Do the same for the other apk file.
Try running applications or games that are already installed it. Usually the applications / games will run slower, because the AVD is an emulator of the original android.

Thank you and Good Luck :)
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