Easy Steps to Root your Android Phone

Tuesday, June 28, 20110 comments

As we know, rooting android device can improve your android performance and new features available on your device. If you don't know about rooting android, I suggest you to read our previous post about What is Root or Rooting on Android? After you know something about rooting android, you now can try and learn how to root your Android phone (do it with your own risk).

Rooting is a process to get the highest throne of a mobile phone (Android). If the URLs, the root window as Administrator. So, we can access the whole system, edit, delete, add, etc.. Basically, rooting an Android device is quiet difficult if you do it manually. But it become so easy if we using software.

Now, the process of rooting can be so much easier. By using a tool called SuperOneClick (SOC). The process of rooting android roughly like this:

1. Download SuperOneClick then extract the package anywhere you want.
2. Connect your Android device with a PC. (Connect to phone)
3. Open SOC and click the root button on the SOC, wait until it says "Device is Rooted!"
4. The root process is Done. Congratulations you've got the highest throne on your Android.

Usually a lot of people who experience barriers to stop at "Waiting For Device". Including me too. Solution:

1. Please check whether your phone is actually connected to the computer
2. Close the window SOC, unplug your Android device. Repeat the process once again
3. Maybe you have not installed your android device drivers to your Computer.

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