Wireless Network System using Mikrotik Hotspot

Thursday, October 27, 20160 comments

Network security is a vital point for network administrator. The more security you have on your network, the more secure it will be. If your network is not secure enough, there are some vulnerability that someone can exploit it. Hackers can be a threat for your network if your network is not secure enough.

How to set up Mikrotik Hotspot System

Wireless network is more fragile and easy to breach than wired network. It means that, a lot of people can see it, and use it. Even if it has protected with password, some hackers can crack it. Wireless Hotspot System provide a login page to allow users to login and use the network securely. Mikrotik hotspot is the most popular hotspot system that used widely int the world.

Mikrotik Hotspot is secure enough and hard to breach. You can consider to change your wireless network system to Mikrotik Hotspot. Like what I do in my office and home when installing Wireless Network System. I use Hotspot Mikrotik to handle the wireless security system on my home and office. I can manage users easily using Mikrotik User Manager. It's very easy to setup. You can do it by yourself. There's a lot of reference about how to set up Mikrotik Hotspot. All you need just a Mikrotik Device with RouterOS installed and an Access Point to spread the WiFi Signals.

You may consider to follow this guideline about how to set up Wireless Hotspot Mikrotik :
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