Tutorial Preparing Android Phone Before Upgrading Firmware

Tuesday, August 30, 20110 comments

Upgrading your phones firmware and getting bunch of new features is really exited thing but before upgrading we have to prepare our phone , like – backup , preparing pc. below you can see complete guide of preparing phone before upgrading.

Please follow all steps of this guide , because it is essential for every android phone before upgrading firmware.

(1) Check your phone compatibility

phone compatibleThe first and most important thing is to check your phone’s current firmware version and status of sim to ensure that you can update your phone or not . you can check firmware version by going to settings > about phone .

Other factor is if your phone is locked with network like T-Mobile , AT&T or any of your area. Then it is Probably possible that you can’t update your phone with the firmware of unlocked and international version phone. to check your phone network lock status check following -

  1. Did your phone have any company logo on it ?
  2. Do you purchased your phone from a mobile operator store ?
  3. Do you got your phone under contract with any sim provider ?
  4. Does your phone blocks when you insert another operators sim ?
  5. Do you see mobile operators logo when you switch on/off your phone ?
If any one or more question’s answer is “YES” then it is confirmed your phone is locked with network and you need to skip normal update process . Wait for particular network firmware update

(2) Backup things

android backup before upgrade

Note: While upgrading phone manually or installing any leaked/beta/unofficial firmware , please make backup with the methods below. pc suite software for your phone will not recognize your phone after upgrade and you will not able to restore your backup created by your phone’s pc suite (e.g. for Samsung KIES)

I. Backing up phone data
Updating firmware process will delete all data from your phone like – message,contacts,calendar . So we have to make backup on sd card or on pc or on online backup service.

II. Making phone apps backup
Upgrading firmware will also delete your pre-installed and purchased apps , to get these apps back you can make your apps backup. Please note that you need to root your phone to make this backup and restore it. Follow this article below -

III. Backing up APN settings

Updating firmware also restores MMS and APN settings of your mobile operator. To backup these settings you can go to Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and write down these settings on paper , after upgrade reconfigure them manually OR use this recommended site to get settings in seconds

(3) Charge your phone

charge android phone batteryThis is the most essential thing while upgrading firmware , before doing anything your phone please charge your phone battery at least 75% .

Otherwise if your phone switched off during update process then you will have a nice brick

(4) Preparing Your PC

acer verigton

  1. Install all needed drivers of your phone to work updater software properly
  2. Check that you have right updater software version, before following the updating guide
  3. Make sure you have administrator permission on pc in order to work updater software properly
  4. Also Stop any antivirus , firewall software on your computer
And thats all you have prepared your phone to upgrade firmware. Now you can follow the guide of installing firmware.
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