Tips to Save your Android Battery

Thursday, July 7, 20110 comments

As we know, Android is a hi-tech device which its functions and features are similar to computer. With all of its sophistication, Android requires a large amount of battery power to run the system properly. So the android's battery become more extravagant than other mobile phone. But you don't need to worry, because there are few tips to save battery life on your android.

Tips & Tricks to save Android's Battery.

1. Turn off Live Wallpaper.

2. Choose dark colors / black wallpaper
black colors will require the energy flow is smaller than the
bright colors.

3. Choose dark / black theme launcher

4. Choose the level of the lowest of lighting displays.

5. Use Homescreen as little as possible
The more homescreen will burden the processor and ram.

6. Use minimum widgets
The more widgets will be many more applications that run in the background, so it will spend much ram due to its battery will to power as well.

7. Disable all animations.

8. Use a 2G service (turn off 3G)
Your Android will always look for the network constantly, if you are not in a good mobile phone network signal, it will drain energy to always look for the network.

9. Use Flight Mode
Flight mode is very effective to save your android battery, because your device is not connected to any network and it will not use the battery power to looking for the network.

10. Use Dark/Black background Applications

11. More Selective to Install Applications that will run in Background

12. Disable Auto sync on the application or minimize the time interval

13. Turn Off GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth when not used.

14. Turn Off Vibrate profile and reduce the ringing sound.

15. Turn Off Internet data connection when not needed.

We hope this tips will help you to save your android battery use.
Thanks for reading :)

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