How to use Android device as USB Modem on PC using PDANet

Sunday, June 19, 20110 comments

Some new Android user, definitely got confused when you want to use the gadget as a modem to access the internet on your PC. Indeed, when we connect Android with a PC using a data cable, PC did not detect the modem device on Android, its only SD cards are readable. It is pretty confusing for a new Android user.

Well, to make your Android Mobile as a Modem on a PC, you need an additional application called PDANet. PDANet was first known in the device windows mobile, palm, and the iphone, and lucky for the android version was released as well.

To use it, PDANet must be installed either on PC or on android device itself. PDANet for Android can be found on the android market. While for the PC can be downloaded here:

How to use it fairly easily. Install PDANet on your PC and your Android. After PDANet installed on the PC, there will be PDANet icon in the Windows taskbar. Then change the settings on your Android by going to the Settings menu --> Applications --> Development --> Check the USB debugging --> OK

To begin using it as a modem, follow these steps:

  1. Run the PDANet application on your Android device, wait until the initiation is complete. click [Enable USB Tethering] to connect via USB cable, or [Bluetooth DUN] to connect via Bluetooth (make sure Bluetooth is on on the modem and laptop)
  2. Run PdaNet application on your PC.
  3. Make sure you are sufficient pulse (I recommend using Internet packets).
  4. Wait until a message appears "the Internet is ready"
  5. Open your favorite browser and Have Fun :)
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