How to Install Ubuntu on Android Nexus 7

Tuesday, February 12, 20130 comments

How to Install Ubuntu on Android Nexus 7 - As we all know that Linux and Android are like brothers. Yes, both operating systems are interrelated, which Android uses the Linux kernel to operate. Now everything is merged into one, which you will find Ubuntu Linux installed on Nexus 7.


For you Nexus 7 users who want to install Ubuntu Linux on your device, please refer to the following explanation:

The instructions for getting this up and running are pretty easy – by Linux standards at least – but you’ll need an unlocked boot-loader which will wipe your data. So only those serious about messing about with Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 need apply.

This isn’t meant to replace your Nexus 7 experience though. Instead the idea behind this release is for developers to address CPU, RAM and power issues for better app optimisation. This also means you won’t have access to a touch optimised UI, so you’ll probably want to pair up a bluetooth mouse at the very least.

The installation guide is available on the official Ubuntu website right here and you can nab the installer here, and once you tire of this you’ll want to revert back to a stock Nexus 7 ROM.
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