Tutorial How to Download APK from Google Play to PC

Wednesday, January 30, 20130 comments

Tutorial How to Download Apps & Games from Google Play Directly to your PC - We all know that Apps and games on Google Play only can be downloaded to Android. It's not possible to download it directly to your PC. But you know that now it becomes possible to download apps and games (APK Files) from Google Play directly to your PC. Yes it's true! You can download any free Apps and Games from Google Play to your PC/Laptop stored as APK files, so you can installed it to any Android devices you want. Ok in this article we will discuss about how to download apps and games from Google Play to your PC/Laptop using Real APK Leecher tool. You can download your favorite android applications and games easily from Google Play to your PC, so you can install it to any android device which support those apps. Here we go, please refer to the following android tutorials :

1. Make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to Internet.
2. Download Real APK Leecher tool. Download Here. Extract the rar package.
3. Download and Install the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if your PC have not installed this application yet. Download Here.
4. Open the Real APK Leecher tool as an Administrator.
5. Select the menu Edit -> Options -> Fill in 3 lines in General Info with google email, email password, and device ID. Email that is used here is a google email used by your Android to sign into Google Service.

6. The easiest way to find out your Android device ID simply press combination * # * # 8255 # * # * (open Gtalk Service Monitor).

7. Find Device ID code and enter it into the field provided.
8. Select the folder that will be used to store the downloaded apk file.
9. Click Save.
10. You can search any apps/games you want to download by fill in the search box "Search the Android Market by" -> Press Enter.
11. Wait until the search results appear, then just select the applications that you want the download. Right click -> "Download this app"

12. Please wait until the download complete.
13. The downloaded APK files will be stored on the folder you selected before.
14. The thing to remember is that this application can only be used to download a free app only, and can not be used to download a paid app.

Ok, have a nice try on Tutorial How to Download APK from Google Play to PC :)
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