Tutorial How to Root Xperia S for Locked Bootloaders

Monday, July 23, 20120 comments

This tutorial will show you how to root your Xperia S for Locked Bootloaders new method with CWM.

Disclaimer: we do not take any responsibility for anything you do to your device. 

Make Sure You are on gingerbread stock rom

ROOT TOOLKIT http://www.mediafire.com/?xxs0rn6nf2tt812

(1) Application Settings: [Unknown sources] checked {Allowed}
(2) Application Settings: Development [USB debugging] checked {Allowed}
(3) Application Settings: Development [Stay awake] checked {Allowed}
(4) Settings -> Display settings [Screen timeout] Set to 30 minutes
*If your screen goes off just once then you won’t be able to return to the installation properly. Very important!!
Please think about your battery and try to keep the display brightness to a minimum.
(5) Please use a regular picture for the background. Do not use the default live wallpaper.
(6) Charge the Xperia S’s battery to 80%.
(7) Use the Generic CH (1257-3740) XPERIA S LT26i ROM (6.1.A.0.452).
Can be found here along with the latest FLASTOOL link:
(8) Net framework 3.5 or later

[Installation Process]

(1) Flash Gingerbread firmware
(2) Run Runme.bat and follow instruction

Make sure you disconnect your phone and flash with ICS When it tells you to do not format anything. If it does not root properly first time run it again.

Credit to Sharaz22 from xdadevelopers forum.

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