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Android is known as to be one of the best application development programs in our mobile world. Without any doubt, android phones can satisfy and compete with other development programs which includes Blackberry, iPhone and other such Smartphones. Many handsets use a Android platform today, and mainly because of the wide range of applications in the android market, there is so much of competition for an android platform. There five tips are a good place for users to get started in making the most out of their phone, how to make android apps work better. They work on the HTC EVO 4G, but should work on most Android phones, too.

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Following are the five steps to make android phones better
Amazon MP3. Twitter buddy @geekaren in recent times remarked that the Amazon MP3 app, an effective interface with Amazon’s music service, gives a free MP3 regularly. The song is exhibited upon the main screen in the app, and downloading the free song just requires a couple of taps. These MP3s are free of DRM and immediately after mere seconds to download appear in the Android music app. The songs are wonderful, handle numerous genres and so are an easy way to produce a music library on Android phones. Amazon offers an inexpensive album deal of the day, which is found next to the free song. The Amazon MP3 app is pre-installed on most Android phones, and it is available in the Android Market for those phones shipping without it.

Volume Control app. Android gives total command over all facets of the phone’s audio, but obtaining it is not as common as it ought to be. The free Volume Control app features a single screen where all six volume controls are often adjusted with sliders. Yes, Android permits individual volume options for system sounds, phone ringer, notifications, call volume, media playing and alarms. The Volume Control app also contains audio profile changes via four buttons at the bottom of the screen, which makes it a breeze to switch the phone to silent or vibrate mode by using a single tap.

Bookmark Sorting. The Android web browser undoubtedly wonderful, full-featured, mobile browser with the ability to deal with many bookmarks, and it is one of the reasons the platform has grew so instantly. These bookmarks generally is a way to obtain frustration at times, because so many Android phones present them to the consumer in the order by which they’re preserved on the phone, instead of displaying oft-visited sites at the top of the list since many clients choose. An absolutely free app, Bookmark Manager, handles this issue effortlessly.

This unique app features a summary of latest bookmarks that has changed in different desirable order. Within a few moments even large lists might be structured in any fashion. The beauty of using this method is that the web browser and the majority of bookmark icons displaying bookmarks on the home screens, immediately adjust to present bookmarks in the different order.

Switch off SMS Notifications
. The handling of text messages isn’t bad on Android phones, most persons use third-party apps that incorporate elements which includes group messaging. My personal favorite is Handcent SMS, however even if these apps add certain functionality, using them tends to make an issue that frustrate many users. Anytime a text message is received, Android sends a notice to the system status bar. Whenever a third-party app is being utilized in place of the conventional Android fare, two notifications appear, one for each app, and even though the message is read in one app, thenotice for the other app still implies an unread message.

There is a fairly easy fix for the duplicate notification: Start the standard messaging app and enter in the settings. Get the setting for notification in the status bar and power it down. The third-party app will still notify you when a message is received, but the standard Android app won’t. This sounds obvious, but how to get rid of the duplicate notifications is amongst the questions I get asked normally.

Multicon edit mode. The free Multicon widget makes it possible to include four icons to the Android home screen within the space usually committed to just one. It is actually probably the most beneficial widgets in the Android Market. As soon as you frequently alter the content material on your home screens as I do, the capability to update the multiple icons designated to Multicon meant deleting all of them and redoing them from scratch each time. Not anymore, as current versions of Multicon offer an edit mode that enables alterations to be produced on the fly.

To create upgrading the icons easy, add a Multicon to one of the home screens with the Edit Mode designated to an icon slot. Tapping the Edit Mode icon then alterations all cases of Multicon widgets in a simple edit mode; once in edit mode, choose the app icon no longer desired and change it out to something else. It is effortless alter your home screens on a whim with this particular method.

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