How to Change Google Account on your Android without Hard Reset

Tuesday, June 21, 20110 comments

There are two ways to replace Google Account on your Android, namely by performing a hard reset (erase all data on your Android except the SD card) and other safe manner ie without a hard reset. The second way is much more secure and efficient because all the existing data are not deleted. How to do? Please follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu -> Settings -> Application -> Manage Application
  • Find and select the Google Apps -> Clear Data
  • When the message "All information you've saved in this application Will be deleted Permanently" select OK
  • Back to Settings, go to Synchronize Data
  • It will appear Wizard to insert a new Google account. This wizard also arise when we just bought a new android handset or when we just do the wipe through hardreset.
  • To be more safe, when change google account, also Clean the Data Cache in Mail, go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Gmail. Click the "Clear Data". In order to process syncronisasi the email is not experiencing problems.
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